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Original Art
Moonlit Canyon
Doe and the Chickadee  Getting Acquainted  Mustang in the Moonlight 
Mouse on Trout Creek

Sonoran Desert Glow

Canyon Melody  Grand Canyon 

Columbine in the Aspen 

Three Dog Night 
Cooling Off Dancing Lights 

 The Kiss
View from High Places Dog & Cat in the Moonlight 

Dragonfly Dance 
Butterflies in the Aspen

Butterfly Watching  King of the High Peaks  Mountain Goat Country 

Coyote Moon
Night Visitor  Storm Coming  Season's Change 

Golden Bear
Galloping Under the Flatirons  High Desert Mustang  Lazy Kitty 

Southwest Waterfall
Storm Brewing in the High Country  Alpine Lake Sunrise  Autumn Grizzly

Bear in the Apple Tree
Bear with a Sweet Tooth  Winter Night Run   Bear on the Trail 

Rocky Mountain Summer
Room to Roam  Mouse in the Autumn Tundra  Moose Country 

Approaching Strom
Sunrise at Slough Creek 

Wolf Greeting  Wolf in the Autumn Tundra 


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